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Located in the northwest coast of mainland Africa, just off 100 km west of the border between Morocco and the Western Sahara, the Canary Islands is a region of Spain that geographically and geologically is part of Africa.



From a glorious past that has reached its apogee in the 16th century, when the Canary Islands counted among the most important wine exporters in the world, the Canary wine was predominant in the principal courts of European palaces and was known as the wine “that brightens the senses and perfume one's blood”.  The Canary Islands love story with wine, dates back from the 14th Century when mercenaries and expeditionaries from diverse European origins and with strong wine culture, introduced in the Canary Islands, the best grape varieties, from their respective regions. These vines were to be planted and cultivated in order to guarantee a local supply of wine. Benefitting from a sub-tropical climate, their plantation was a success. Thanks to the contribution and legacy of these wine passionates throughout centuries, the Canaries now possess a remarkable richness of grape varieties. Furthermore, never been affected by the phylloxera, the ravenous aphid that almost destroyed Europe's grapevines in the late 19th century, this richness have acquired a significant value. As a result, with all the uniqueness of being cultivated in ungrafted vines, the Canary Islands proudly enjoy a patrimony of approximately 80 varieties of grapes, and count with at least three varieties that are totally exclusive to this terroir.


The Canary wines are treasured by a series of facts that makes them unique in the world. First and foremost, the volcanic nature of the soil, rich in nutriments, offers wine with a deep mineralized flavor. Vineyards planted in terrace, enjoy a wide variety of microclimates influenced by a combination of cold currents from the Atlantic Ocean, sea of clouds produced by thermal inversion, trade winds and vigorous reliefs configuration that registers brisk change of altitudes. All these climatologic and geographic characteristic have translated into a diversity of wines that reflect this complexity while providing the Canaries with exquisite wines and a wide range of oenological characteristics that are worth to discover.


Due to the geographic singularity of the Islands, the local wineries have shaped the production of wine based on a small scale volume, while benefitting from a strong and wise combination of traditional oenological practice, "handcraft culture", sound knowledge, and the most advanced and modern productive technologies, control of origin and quality.


The Canary wines are addressed to consumers that are burned by the adventurous desire to step out the beating path of the best-known wines from time honored regions, and be rewarded with unique, unusual, very exceptional wine quality.


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