"They appear from nowhere.

They are part of the landscape.

High above on a post, an Harfang  (snowy owl) majestically. A cold wind sweeps his insulated and white plumage. He perfectly blends in his arctic environment.

This site offers him a good visibility

and ready access to hunting areas.

His wide sharp eyes, with an astonishing yellow shade, scrutinize

meticulously the far horizon, while his keen hearing sense maintains him in an alert mode.

He is on a look-out for the slightest arising opportunity. He is patient. When suddenly a prey flashes out of nowhere,  he takes off,  spreads his impressive wings, and at the speed of light he silently sneaks and snatches his prey.”

About Us

We are a young and adventurous Export Promotion Bureau, driven by fascination and enthusiasm for the wine industry. As Harfang, we spread our wings to span continents, in a discovering quest journey for exclusive and premium wine making from the most unique places. Our quest has taken us to the Canary Islands. We work with the finest wineries of the region. Our mission is to make known, promote and showcase their exclusives wines through distributors around the world who in turn will satisfy the most exquisite demands of their clientele. We strive on working closely with our wine producers and local distributors, and create long lasting bonds in order to bring forward an optimized synergy, between the exclusive wine offer and local demand, in a global market. Our Core Functions are to: > Increase local export and assist local wineries in expanding their business through international market > Serve as a single point of contact for trade activities between local wineries and global distributors
> Serve as focal point for Canary wine exports through advocacy and information dissemination
> Articulate and coordinate international development efforts
> Promote Canary wine in overseas market
> Organize and participate in trade shows and overseas missions
> Promote and organize B2B encounters
> Improve packaging and labeling
> Develop new distribution channels Interested in adding singularity to your portfolio? Let’s Talk

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